VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
7.1. Coupling
7.2. A transmission
7.3. Kardannaja transfer
7.3.1. Features of the device
7.3.2. Removal and installation
7.3.3. Check of a technical condition without dismantling
7.3.4. Dismantling
7.3.5. Check of a technical condition
7.3.6. Assemblage
7.3.7. Balancing of shaft
7.3.8. Possible malfunctions карданной transfers
7.4. The back bridge
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



7.3.6. Assemblage

Details forward карданного a shaft

1 – elastic муфта;
2 – the aligning plug;
3 – a flange elastic муфты;
4 – an epiploon;
5 – an epiploon holder;
6 – карданный a shaft;
7 – пылеотражатель;
8 – the bearing;
9 – a lock ring;
10 – a nut;
11 – a plug карданного the hinge;
12 – пылеотражатель;
13 – an elastic support

Assemblage карданного the hinge
1 – a plug карданного the hinge;

3 – the bearing case;

4 – an epiploon;

5 – a thorn крестовины;

6 – a bearing needle;

7 – calibre 41.8734.4092;

And, In, With, D – petals щупа, having a thickness 1,53; 1,56; 1,59; 1,62

1. Kardannye shaft collect in sequence, return dismantling, taking into account following instructions:
      – On шлицевые connections put greasing ФИОЛ-1;
      – At connection of details combine the labels put on demountable details before dismantling;
      – After assemblage шлицевого connections, pressing an epiploon on 0,3–0,5 mm axial loading, press out a holder on проточке plugs;
      – A nut of fastening of a plug forward карданного a shaft tighten динамометрическим a key and зачеканьте.
2. At assemblage of an intermediate support запрессуйте the bearing оправкой (1 – оправка А.70045, 2 – the bearing, 3 – an elastic support) also establish in проточке support a lock spring ring.
3. Put on the back end forward карданного a shaft пылеотражатель 7 (fig. of the Detail forward карданного a shaft see).
4. Оправкой (1 – оправка А.74035, 2 – an elastic support; 3 – a back part forward карданного a shaft) запрессуйте a support with the bearing also put on the second пылеотражатель 12 (fig. of the Detail forward карданного a shaft), напрессуйте on a shaft a plug 11 forward карданного a shaft see and fix its nut as it is specified above.
5. Assemblage карданного the hinge spend in a following order. Having removed the old thickened greasing, fill cavities in thorns крестовины and grease an internal surface of cases of bearings with greasing ФИОЛ-2У (0,4–0,6 г on each bearing). Thorns крестовины grease with a thin layer that the air cushion was not formed at assemblage. Insert thorns крестовины into a plug.
6. Put on cases of bearings with needles thorns крестовины and запрессуйте in apertures of a plug effort 7840 Н (800 кгс). Establish on former places, according to labels, lock rings in проточках plugs. Then check up an axial free wheeling крестовины which should be 0,01–0,04 mm. If a free wheeling more specified, replace one lock ring of a smaller thickness with a ring большей thickness.
7. At replacement of details карданного the hinge select lock rings in calibre 41.7834.4092 which has four petals of a different thickness (1,53 mm; 1,56 mm; 1,59 mm; 1,62 mm). For this purpose, establish a lock ring 2 (fig. Assemblage карданного the hinge see) in the thickness of 1,56 mm.
8. At запрессовке bearings when крестовина rests against the bearing case (in this case backlashes are not present), measured щупом define distance between the case of the bearing and an end face of a ring flute. Depending on the measured distance, taking into account the axial backlash equal of 0,01-0,04 mm, insert the second lock ring of a corresponding thickness.
The prevention

Lock rings are delivered in spare parts of five sizes (on a thickness, mm), each of which has certain colour: 1,50 – unpainted; 1,53 – dark brown; 1,56 – dark blue; 1,59 – black; 1,62 – yellow.

9. Having established lock rings, strike on plugs a hammer with plastic the brisk. Under the influence of blow also it is elastic the compressed epiploons, the backlash between a bottom of the bearing and a lock ring is beaten out, and there are backlashes between cases of bearings and end faces of thorns крестовины. After assemblage check up ease проворачивания plugs of hinges and balancing карданной transfers.

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