VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
9.1. Features of the device
9.2. Survey, check and steering adjustment
9.3. The steering mechanism
9.4. Draughts and spherical hinges of a steering drive
9.5. An arm of the pendular lever
9.6. Possible malfunctions of a steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices

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9. A steering

1 – lateral draught;
2 – сошка;
3 – average draught;
4 – the pendular lever;
5 – adjusting муфта;
6 – the bottom spherical hinge of a forward suspension bracket;
7 – the right rotary fist;
8 – the top spherical hinge of a forward suspension bracket;
9 – the right lever of a rotary fist;
10 – an arm of the pendular lever;
11 – the right longeron of a body;
12 – a stopper маслозаливого apertures;
13 – картер the steering mechanism;
14 – a steering shaft;
15 – a facing casing of a shaft of a steering;
16 – a steering wheel;
17 – a pipe of the top support of a shaft of a steering;
18 – an arm of a shaft of a steering;
19 – the left longeron of a body;
20 – coupling collars adjusting муфты;
21 – the left rotary fist

The steering consists of the steering mechanism and a steering drive.

The steering mechanism includes the worm reducer located in картере (fig. the Steering see) 13, a steering wheel 16, a shaft 14 wheels and fastening details.

Steering wheel – plastic, reinforced by a steel skeleton. On a wheel the switch of the sound signal which contact part is closed by a plastic cover is established. In a steering wheel nave the aperture with вдвоенной a hollow, and on a shaft 14 doubled шлиц at the expense of what the steering wheel fastens on a shaft a nut only in one position is executed.

The wheel shaft the tip incorporates to shaft of a worm with the help шлицов and a coupling bolt. The top part of a shaft leans against the plastic plug established on a pipe of 17 top support. This pipe is inserted into an arm 18 and fixed in it by a collar which is pulled together with a bolt. To a flange of a pipe of the top support of a shaft the switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights fastens.

Carter of the steering mechanism fastens to the left longeron of 19 bodies from the interior of a compartment of the engine three bolts. Between картером and a longeron adjusting washers with which at assemblage achieve соосности a shaft of a worm and a wheel shaft are established.

In картере 7 (fig. the Cut картера the steering mechanism see) the worm 6 whom 14 shaft 13 сошки are in gearing with двухгребневым a roller is located. Transfer number of worm pair 16,4. The worm rotates in top 16 and the bottom 17 bearings which balls are located on racetracks торцев a worm. The axial backlash in bearings of a worm is regulated by selection of linings 18 between картером and a cover 19. The shaft сошки rotates in two plugs 12, запрессованных in картер the steering mechanism. On the top end of a shaft, on the needle bearing the roller 14, and on the bottom end of a shaft having conic шлицы rotates, is put on сошка 8 and fastens a nut 9. In шлицевом an aperture сошки two dual hollows, and on a shaft – two doubled ledges are executed. Therefore сошку it is possible to establish on a shaft only in one position.

Gearing of a roller with a worm is regulated by the screw 2. The axial backlash between a screw head and a shaft groove is eliminated by selection of adjusting plates 1.

In картер the steering mechanism oil ТАД-17и on level of the jellied aperture, closed by a stopper 4 is filled in.

The steering drive includes three draughts – average 3 (fig. the Steering see) and two extreme 1, and also сошку 2, the pendular lever 4 with an arm 10 on a longeron 11 and rotary levers of 9 rotary fists 7 and 21. Average draught integral, has on the ends spherical hinges for connection with the pendular lever and the helmsman сошкой. Each lateral draught consists of two tips with a carving, connected among themselves adjusting муфтой 5. Муфты are fixed on draughts by means of coupling collars 20. Rotation муфты 5 the length of lateral draught changes at adjustment of a convergence of forward wheels. Tips of extreme draughts by means of hinges join levers of 9 rotary fists, to the pendular lever 4 and to steering сошке 2.

The spherical hinge of draughts consists of a steel finger 1 (fig. the Cut of the spherical hinge of draught see) which spherical head is covered by the conic cutting plastic loose leaf 4 which is drawn in by a spring 5 to the case 3 at the expense of what the tightness in connection of a finger with the loose leaf and a draught tip is created.

Spherical hinges at assemblage are filled with greasing ШРБ-4 and герметизируются on the one hand заглушкой 6, завальцованной in a draught tip, and on the other hand a protective cap 2.

The arm 10 (fig. the Steering see) pendular lever fastens two bolts to the right longeron of a body opposite картера the steering mechanism. In an arm 2 (fig. the Cut of an arm of the pendular lever see) two plastic plugs 8 in which the axis 9 rotates are established. At assemblage in кроштейн greasing Litol-24 is put. Face consolidation of plugs is provided with sealants 7 and washers 6 and 10.

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9.1. Features of the device