VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
11.1. Electric equipment schemes
11.2. Illumination and the light alarm system
11.3. Sound signals
11.4. A screen wiper
11.5. The heater electric motor
11.6. Control devices
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



11. An electric equipment


The electric equipment is executed under the single-wire scheme – negative conclusions of sources and electric power consumers are connected to "weight" which carries out function of the second wire. Schemes of an electric equipment of the car are presented in subsection 11.1.1 and subsection 11.1.2.

During release of cars VAZ-2101 little changes were brought in their scheme. So, in 1977 the lantern 57 lights of a backing with the switch 26 on a transmission, a tank with the gauge 15 levels of a brake liquid was added. Since 1980 the foot washer of a windscreen with the built in switch of a screen wiper and consequently the scheme of inclusion of a screen wiper has changed began to be established.

The majority of chains joins the ignition switch. Are always included (irrespective of position of a key in the ignition switch) feed circuits of sound signals, прикуривателя, a stoplight, plafonds of illumination of salon and a plug receptacle for a portable lamp.

The car electric equipment is protected by fuses (fig. Fuses see), established under the panel of devices on the left side from a steering column. The chain of a charge of the storage battery, a chain of ignition and engine start-up are not protected by safety locks.

Before to replace fused safety lock, it is necessary to find out the reason of its combustion and to eliminate it. At troubleshooting it is recommended to see chains, which are protected by the given safety lock (see the tab. of the Chain protected by fuses).

It is not supposed to establish the self-made or any other safety locks which have been not provided by a design of the car since it can lead to an overheat of wires and to a fire.

The chains protected by fuses

№ a safety lock (fig. Fuses see)
Protected chains
1 (16)
Plafonds. Sound signals. A plug receptacle for a portable lamp. Прикуриватель. Stoplight lamps in back lanterns
2 (8)
Screen wiper and its relay. The heater electric motor. Elek-trodvigatel a windscreen washer (on VAZ-21011)
3 (8)
The left headlight (headlight) and control lamp of inclusion of a headlight
4 (8)
The right headlight (headlight)
5 (8)
The left headlight (passing light)
6 (8)
The right headlight (passing light)
7 (8)
The left sidelight (dimensional light). A control lamp of dimensional light. The right back lantern (dimensional light). A lamp of illumination of a luggage carrier. A lantern of illumination number знака*. A lamp of illumination of a combination of devices
8 (8)
The right sidelight (dimensional light). The left back lantern (dimensional light). The Podkapotnaja lamp. An illumination lamp прикуривателя
9 (8)
The index of temperature of a cooling liquid. The index of level of fuel with a control lamp of a reserve. A control lamp of pressure of oil. A control lamp of inclusion of a lay brake and level of a brake liquid. A control lamp of a charge of the storage battery. Indexes of turn and a corresponding control lamp. A backing lantern. A lamp of illumination of a ware box
10 (8)
Pressure regulator. A winding of excitation of the generator

* On cars of release of 70th years one lamp of a lantern of illumination of licence plate has been protected by a safety lock 7, and another – a safety lock 8.
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11.1. Electric equipment schemes