VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
7.1. Coupling
7.2. A transmission
7.3. Kardannaja transfer
7.3.1. Features of the device
7.3.2. Removal and installation
7.3.3. Check of a technical condition without dismantling
7.3.4. Dismantling
7.3.5. Check of a technical condition
7.3.6. Assemblage
7.3.7. Balancing of shaft
7.3.8. Possible malfunctions карданной transfers
7.4. The back bridge
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



7.3. Kardannaja transfer

Kardannaja transfer

1 – a bolt of fastening elastic муфты to a flange of a secondary shaft of a transmission;
2 – a flange of a secondary shaft of a transmission;
3 – a rubber element elastic муфты;
4 – the aligning plug of a flange forward карданного a shaft;
5 – the loose leaf elastic муфты;
6 – a bolt of fastening elastic муфты to a flange forward карданного a shaft;
7 – a flange forward карданного a shaft;
8 – an epiploon holder;
9 – an epiploon;
10 – a secondary shaft of a transmission;
11 – грязеотражатель;
12 – a nut of fastening of a flange on secondary to a shaft;
13 – a sealant of an aligning ring;
14 – forward карданный a shaft;
15 – an aligning ring;
16 – a lock ring;
17 – an intermediate support;
18 – a stopper;
19 – the rubber plug;
20 – the remote plug;
21 – back карданный a shaft;
22 – фланцевая a plug карданного the hinge;
23 – elastic муфта;
24 – a safety arm;
25 – a balancing plate;
26 – a cross-beam of an intermediate support;
27 – a lock ring;
28 – a plug forward карданного a shaft;
29 – a lock ring;
30 – the needle bearing;
31 – an epiploon holder крестовины;
32 – пылеотражатель;
33 – the bearing of an intermediate support;
34 – a nut of fastening of a plug;
35 – крестовина;
36 – a plug back карданного a shaft

Kardannaja transfer consists of two tubular shaft connected among themselves карданным by the hinge, elastic муфты 23 and an intermediate support 17.

Forward карданный the shaft 14 is made of a thin-walled pipe on which both ends are welded шлицевые tips. On шлицах a forward tip the flange 7 which through rubber муфту 23 2 secondary shaft of 10 transmissions six bolts 1 and 6 incorporate to a flange is located. Соосность connected shaft provides aligning ring 15, напрессованное on the end of a secondary shaft, and the aligning plug 4, запрессованная in a flange 7 карданного a shaft.

The ring 15 is fixed on a shaft by a lock ring 16.

Shlitsevoe connection is greased through an aperture closed by a stopper 18. Greasing is kept by a rubber epiploon 9 which is located in a steel holder 8, and on the other hand, the sealant 13 which have been put on a nut 12 and drawn in it.

Back шлицевой the tip of a shaft 14 leans against the ball bearing 33 intermediate support. On шлицах a tip the nut 34 fixes a plug 28 intermediate карданного the hinge.

Back карданный the shaft also is made of a thin-walled pipe on which ends plugs карданных hinges are welded.

The intermediate support absorbs vibrations карданой transfers. It consists of an arm fixed on a cross-beam by 26 bolts with nuts. The cross-beam, in turn, fastens nuts on the bolts welded on a body. On bolts of fastening of a cross-beam are established steel распорные plugs 20 and the rubber isolating plugs 19 which are drawn in by washers. In an arm the rubber pillow, which привулканизирована to surfaces of an arm and the bearing case is located. In the bearing case the radial ball bearing 33 with sealants which is fixed in the case by a lock ring 27 is located. Пылеотражатели 32, established from both parties of the bearing, protect the bearing from environment influence.

Elastic муфта absorbs noise and vibrations карданной transfers. It is executed from six rubber elements 3 between which metal loose leaves 5 with apertures for bolts 1 and 6 are placed. On loose leaves is available six ledges three of which come into grooves of a flange of a secondary shaft of a transmission, and the others – in grooves of a flange elastic муфты. It provides a centering elastic муфты on flanges.

The kardannyj hinge consists of two plugs fixed on shaft 28 and 36 which incorporate among themselves крестовиной 35. Cases of needle bearings are put on hollow thorns крестовины 30. The bearing крестовины is condensed with an epiploon 31 located in a metal holder.

Needle bearings in gathering are fixed in apertures of plugs by lock rings 29 which on a thickness share for five sizes. Every size it is painted in certain colour: 1,62 mm – in yellow; 1,59 – in black; 1,56 – in dark blue; 1,52 – in dark brown; the ring 1,50 – is not painted. Selection of a lock ring provides an axial backlash крестовины within 0,01–0,04 mm.
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