VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
10.1. Features of the device
10.2. Check and adjustment of brakes
10.2.1. Check of pipelines and connections
10.2.2. Adjustment of a free wheeling of a pedal of a brake
10.2.3. Adjustment of a lay brake
10.2.4. Check of working capacity of a regulator of pressure
10.2.5. Adjustment of position of a regulator of pressure
10.2.6. Removal of air from a hydrodrive of brakes
10.2.7. Backlash adjustment between колодками and a drum
10.3. An arm of pedals of coupling and a brake
10.4. The main cylinder
10.5. Forward brakes
10.6. Back brakes
10.7. A regulator of pressure of back brakes
10.8. A lay brake
10.9. Possible malfunctions of brakes, their reasons and elimination methods
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



10.2.6. Removal of air from a hydrodrive of brakes

Air which has got to a hydrodrive of brakes at replacement of the pipeline, hoses, sealing rings or негерметичности systems, causes increase in a working course of a pedal of a brake, its "softness" and considerably reduces efficiency of action of brakes.

1. Before removal of air from brake system be convinced of tightness of all knots of a drive of brakes and their connections, check up and if necessary fill a tank to normal level with a liquid "Neva".
2. Then carefully clear of a dirt and a dust unions for removal of air and remove from them protective caps.
3. Air delete at first from one contour, then from another, beginning each time with the most remote wheel from the main cylinder. Hydrodrive prorolling spend in a following order.
4. Having removed forward wheels, put on an union head a rubber hose 1, and other end of a hose lower in the transparent vessel 2 partially filled with a liquid.
5. Sharply having pressed a pedal of a brake of 3-5 times, with intervals between pressing 2–3 with, turn on on 1/2–3/4 turns the union at the pressed pedal.
6. Continuing to press a pedal, supersede a liquid being in system together with air through a hose in a vessel.
7. After the brake pedal will reach extreme forward position and the liquid expiration through a hose will stop, wrap the union of release of air to the full. These operations should be repeated until the exit of vials from a hose will stop.
8. Keeping a pedal in the pressed position, wrap the union of release of air to the full and remove a hose.
9. Wipe dry the union and put on a protective cap.
10. Repeat operations for other wheels, at first on the second wheel of the same contour, and then it is consecutive on both wheels of the second contour.
11. At air removal support normal level of a liquid in a tank of a hydrodrive of brakes.
12. At absence the brake pedal should not pass in a drive of brakes of air more than 1/2-2/3 courses.
13. To exclude influence of a regulator of pressure on prorolling of a drive of brakes, air removal spend at the loaded back wheels (posting of a back part of the car is not supposed).
14. If the brake liquid completely merged from system before removal of air from system turn on on 1,5–2 turns unions of removal of air on cylinders of all wheels. Sharply pressing a pedal of a brake and slowly releasing it, wrap unions on a measure вытекания from them liquids. Then spend drive prorolling as it is specified above.
15. Even if at long removal air continues to leave a hose in the form of vials, it means gets into system through damages to pipelines because of insufficient tightness of connection or owing to malfunction of the main thing or wheel cylinders.
16. If air removal is carried out on the car which brake system has worked long term a liquid being in system replace new.
17. A liquid, suitable for the further use, it is necessary to filter carefully and then to defend in tightly closed vessel.

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10.2.7. Backlash adjustment between колодками and a drum