VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
2.1. Car operation
2.1.1. Engine start-up
2.1.2. Car movement
2.1.3. Braking and parking
2.1.4. Updating of a corner of an advancing of ignition
2.1.5. Safety measures at car operation
2.1.6. Care of a body
2.1.7. Car storage
2.2. Car maintenance service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



2.1.7. Car storage

In operation a great attention give to car storage conditions as at annual run of 15 thousand in km the car is in movement about an hour a day. To optimum conditions for car storage answer:

 – The canopy where the temperature and humidity correspond to environment parametres, is available constant movement of air and there is no direct influence of solar radiation and an atmospheric precipitation;
 – A heated premise (individual garage) with temperature not more low 5 ° With and relative humidity of 50-70 %, equipped with a forced-air and exhaust ventilation.

If the heated premise (individual garage) has an ineffective forced-air and exhaust ventilation, and the car is maintained during the winter period or after a sink is placed in storage without preliminary drying destructive influences on protectively-decorative coverings repeatedly increase.

At storage of the car in the winter under a canopy or in not heated premise remove the storage battery, merge a liquid from a tank of a washer of a windscreen.

At car storage indoors into which the sunlight gets, a body and tyres cover with a cover from влагопроницаемого a material. Application of covers from water-proof materials (a canvas, a film, etc.), not having ventilating apertures in a zone of wind and back glasses, promotes condensation on a surface of a body of a moisture which at long influence can lead to damage of a paint of a body.

If the car is stored on open parking under a cover the cover should not adjoin to the painted surfaces of a body, that a paint (formation of swellings, отслаивание was not damaged) in the winter. For normal ventilation of the painted surfaces between a cover and a body lay soft linings in height not less than 20 mm.

Preparation of the car for long storage

1. Wash up the car and wipe a body dry. Remove corrosion. A surface with the damaged paint paint. Put on a body "Autopreservative" or autowax «АV-70».
2. Start up and warm up the engine. Stop the engine, turn out spark plugs and fill in in each cylinder till 25-30 г warmed up to temperature 70–80 ° From engine oil then turn a cranked shaft on 10-15 turns and wrap candles.
3. Disconnect from the air filter a hose of a fence of warm air. With the oiled tape (paper or fabric) stick:
      – Apertures воздухозаборных branch pipes of the case of the air filter;
      – An exhaust outlet of a taking away pipe of the muffler;
      – An aperture of a ventilating tube of a fuel tank.
4. For protection against a dust close the engine a canvas, a film or the oiled paper.
5. Put the car on supports so that wheels have been raised over a basic surface.
6. Cover the car with a cover.
7. Completely charge the storage battery and store it in a dry cool place.

Car service in a storage time (once in two months)

1. Remove a cover and examine the car. The sites amazed with corrosion on the painted surface smooth out and paint over.
2. Turn out spark plugs, turn a cranked shaft on 2–3 turns and wrap candles.
3. Turn a steering wheel on 1–1,5 turns in each party. Put in action (3–5 times) brake and coupling pedals, a pedal of an accelerator and a lay brake.

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