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1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
2.1. Car operation
2.2. Car maintenance service
2.2.1. The greasing scheme
2.2.2. The scheme of cleaning, check and adjustment
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



2.2. Car maintenance service

While in service the car inevitably there are such processes, as easing of fastening of knots and units, deterioration of rubbing surfaces, infringement of adjusting parametres, ageing резинотехнических products and other phenomena. For the prevention of malfunctions and increase of reliability of the car scheduled preventive maintenance service which includes verifying, adjusting, lubricant works, and also replacement of separate details through certain run is provided. Periodicity of maintenance service and the name of works are resulted in subsection 2.2.1 and subsection 2.2.2.

Regularly through each 500–600 km of run (or before each departure) check oil levels in картере the engine, a cooling liquid in a broad tank, a brake liquid in a tank of a hydrodrive of brakes and in a tank of a hydrodrive of deenergizing of coupling, electrolit in storage batteries, and also pressure of air in tyres.

Oil level in картере the engine is necessary for checking on the cold idle engine. Level should is between risks «MIN» and index "MOVE".

Oil replacement is spent on the warm engine. For plum of the fulfilled oil it is necessary to turn away a stopper in the pallet картера.

The oil filter change, having turned away it from the block of cylinders. Before installation of the new oil filter its sealing ring grease with engine oil. The new filter wrap to a contact of a sealing ring of the block of cylinders, and then effort of hands доворачивают it on 3/4 turns.

Level of a brake liquid at the established cover and new overlays of brake mechanisms should reach the bottom edge of a jellied mouth.

Simultaneously it is necessary to check up serviceability of work of the gauge of emergency level. For what it is necessary to press from above a cover rod. Thus in a combination of devices the control lamp if ignition is included should light up.

The control alarm lamp of insufficient level of a brake liquid lights up in case of fall of its level in a tank below an admissible limit that at partially worn out or new overlays колодок brake mechanisms speaks about loss of tightness of system and about liquid leak. Доливка liquids in this case it is spent only after restoration of tightness of system.

If the hydrodrive of brakes is serviceable, fall of level of a liquid in a tank is connected with deterioration of overlays колодок brake mechanisms. Fall of level of a liquid indirectly testifies to their limiting deterioration. In this case it is necessary to conduct the direct control over a condition колодок.

Checking a technical condition of brakes, preliminary clear forward and back brakes of a dirt, wash out warm water and dry up compressed air. It is not supposed to apply thus any mineral solvents as they can cause damage of protective caps and sealants of hydraulic cylinders.

The polluted overlays колодок, clear disks and drums a metal brush and wash out washing-up liquids or an autocleaner of brakes of "Feet". If on overlays traces of a brake liquid are found out, it is necessary to find and eliminate the reasons of its occurrence. In a maintenance time preserve brake колодки, disks and drums against hit on them oils or greasings.

Level of a brake liquid in a tank of a hydrodrive of deenergizing of coupling should reach the bottom edge of a jellied mouth. If it is necessary to add often a liquid, check up tightness of system and eliminate malfunction.

Level of a cooling liquid in a broad tank should be always on 3–4 sm above risks «MIN». Check of level and opening of a stopper of a tank for доливки liquids spend only on the cold engine. After доливки liquids the tank stopper should be densely wrapped, as the broad tank at the working and heated-up engine is under pressure.

As a last resort in cooling system it is possible to add pure water. But thus the temperature of freezing of a mix raises and corrosion firmness of an aluminium radiator decreases. Therefore at the first possibility it is necessary to execute repair of system and to fill in in it cooling liquid.

Check of level and electrolit density in the storage battery is described in subsection 6.1.3.

Pressure of air in tyres, including a spare wheel, is checked by a manometre. We recommend to check periodically a manometre at the maintenance service enterprise.

If constant pressure drop of air in the tyre is observed, check up by means of a soap solution, whether there is no air leak through a gate zolotnik. In case of air leak tighten a zolotnik a key on the cap end and if it does not help, replace its new.

If pressure falls at a serviceable zolotnik repair the tyre according to recommendations of the instruction put to the first-aid set for repair бескамерных of tyres.

Not to break wheel balancing, before разбортовкой make a mark a chalk on the tyre against the gate, and at installation establish the tyre on this label.

To avoid damage герметизирующего a layer закраины the tyre, dismantle and installation it spend by means of the special adaptation or on шиномонтажном the machine tool in repair shop.

After installation of new tyres necessarily отбалансируйте wheels at the maintenance service enterprise.

At operation of the car with бескамерными tyres avoid grinding of wheels to borders of roads and fast driving on roads with the broken covering (hollows, potholes, etc.) as damage of a rim of a wheel can cause loss of tightness of the tyre and a wheel disbalance. At occurrence during movement of vibrations it is necessary to check up balancing of wheels.

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