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1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
2.1. Car operation
2.1.1. Engine start-up
2.1.2. Car movement
2.1.3. Braking and parking
2.1.4. Updating of a corner of an advancing of ignition
2.1.5. Safety measures at car operation
2.1.6. Care of a body
2.1.7. Car storage
2.2. Car maintenance service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



2.1.6. Care of a body

Drainage apertures of thresholds

Drainage apertures of doors

The body is a base and most expensive element of the car. It is made of modern materials and protected from corrosion by high-quality protective means. The basis of durability of corrosion protection is put by manufacturer, however its efficiency and period of validity depend on correct leaving, environmental conditions, an ecological state of environment and storage conditions.

That there was no scratch on a paint and varnish covering of a body, do not delete a dust and a dirt dry обтирочным a material. It is better to wash the car before drying of a dirt by a stream of water of a small pressure with use of a soft sponge. Wash the car in the open air in a shade in the summer. If it is impossible, at once rub off the washed up surfaces dry as at drying of drops of water on the sun on the painted surface stains are formed. In the winter after a car sink in a warm premise before departure wipe a body and уплотнители doors dry as at freezing of the remained drops cracks on a paint and varnish covering and примерзание sealants to doors can be formed. It is not recommended to apply soda and alkaline solutions, and also sewage that the covering has not grown dull to a car sink.

Before a car sink clean drainage apertures of doors and thresholds. At a sink of the car avoid hit of a direct stream of water on electric equipment products, electronic devices, gauges and demountable connections in a motor compartment. Watch a condition of protective covers of demountable connections of electronic blocks and gauges. At moisture hit demountable connections blow compressed air and process an autopreparation of "Unisma-1" in aerosol packing for protection of contacts against oxidation.

During a sink carefully wash out зафланцовки doors, a cowl, luggage carrier covers, welded seams and connections of a motor compartment, a luggage carrier and apertures of doors as the collected dirt in the specified places will lead to destruction of a protectively-decorative covering and to metal corrosion.

At detection of signs of corrosion (corrosion touches, local swellings of a paint, etc.) the damaged place smooth out small наждачной a skin to pure metal, process automeans for cold фосфатирования "Fosfakor", cover with ground ГФ-021 and paint over enamel from an applied jar.

Сколы and scratches on a paint and varnish covering, сколы mastics on arches to-wood and on the bottom are connected with mechanical influence of operational character. Corrosion traces on welding connections and joints of details of a body have superficial character and in an initial stage can be removed polishing by pastes ПМА-1 or ПМА-2. If measures on elimination of defects of a protectively-decorative covering of operational character it will lead to corrosion development under a coat layer, it отслоению and вспучиванию are not in due time taken.

For increase of corrosion firmness of a body in the closed box-shaped cavities of thresholds, longerons, cross-beams and other elements of the basis of a body the special anticorrosive structure is put. At car operation it is recommended to spend restoration of a sheeting of the latent cavities of a body at the maintenance service enterprises periodically time in 1,5–2 years.

While in service the car the covering on the body bottom is exposed to influence of gravel, sand, salt. As a result of this influence mastic and a ground are erased, the bared metal rusts. Therefore regularly watch a condition of a covering of the bottom and in due time restore the damaged sites.

Before drawing of sheetings (грунтов, mastics) rusty surfaces process structure "Феран".

For preservation of shine of the painted surfaces of the car (especially at the cars stored in the open air) regularly polish them with application of polishing pastes. These pastes close microcracks and the time which has arisen while in service in a paint and varnish covering that interferes with corrosion occurrence under a paint coat.

That the body surface long time kept shine, do not leave the car long time for the sun, and also do not suppose hit of acids, solutions of soda, a brake liquid and gasoline on a body surface.

That there was no stain on a paint and varnish covering under the hatch of a fuel tank at gasoline hit, wipe a surface pure rags before refuelling and after it.

Details from plastic wipe damp rags. To apply gasoline or solvents it is not recommended, differently plastic details will lose shine. From autopreparations to clearing of details from plastic it is recommended to apply a universal cleaner of an interior of "Dinta" or automeans of "Alva".

Dust from upholsteries of pillows and seats delete a vacuum cleaner. To removal of fat stains on an upholstery apply a universal cleaner of an interior of "Dinta" or neutral soap with water. Simultaneously carefully wipe damp rags rubber уплотнители and surfaces of doors adjoining to them and a luggage carrier cover.

Glasses clear soft linen rags or suede. Very dirty glasses preliminary wash up water with addition стеклоомывающей liquids (30 sm3 on 1 l of water).

In connection with adverse ecological conditions in some areas have cases of aggressive influence of separate components from environment on protectively-decorative coverings of the car. These influences are shown in the form of a red rash, local change of colour of an external paint and varnish covering, local destruction of an enamel covering of a body.

The reason of occurrence of a red rash is sedimentation on horizontal surfaces of a body of the smallest particles of the metal dust weighed in air which is pasted to a body by products of corrosion during humidifying by dew. The red rash can be removed 5 %-s' solution щавелевой acids with the subsequent plentiful washing by pure water then it is necessary to polish a body. Without special measures it gradually leaves the subsequent sinks or rains.

Local changes of colour (stain) of an external paint and varnish covering and local destructions of an enamel covering of a body are a consequence of influence of acid industrial emissions after their connection with air moisture. Such influences depending on severity level are eliminated by polishing or a body repaint.
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