VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
10.1. Features of the device
10.1.1. Working brake system
10.1.2. A lay brake
10.2. Check and adjustment of brakes
10.3. An arm of pedals of coupling and a brake
10.4. The main cylinder
10.5. Forward brakes
10.6. Back brakes
10.7. A regulator of pressure of back brakes
10.8. A lay brake
10.9. Possible malfunctions of brakes, their reasons and elimination methods
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



10.1.1. Working brake system

10.1.1. Working brake system

The scheme of brake system

1 – protective коржух a forward brake;
2, 18 – pipelines uniters two cylinders of a support of a forward brake;
3 – a support;
4 – a hydrodrive tank;
5 – the stoplight switch;
6 – the lever of a lay brake;
7 – adjusting clowns of the right back brake;
8 – the union for prorolling of a hydrodrive of back brakes;
9 – a pressure regulator;
10 – a stoplight;

11 – the wheel cylinder of a back brake;
12 – the lever of a manual drive колодок and разжимная a lath;
13 – the adjusting clown of the left back brake;
14 – brake колодка;
15 – directing a back cable;
16 – a directing roller;
17 – a brake pedal;
19 – the union for prorolling of a hydrodrive of forward brakes;
20 – a brake disk;
21 – the main cylinder

This system of brakes has two contours, forward independent drive forward and back brake mechanisms of wheels. Both contours are put in action from one pedal 17 (fig. the Scheme of brake system see) which by means of an arm fastens together with a coupling pedal to the panel передка bodies.

The main brake cylinder 21, tank are included in a hydraulic drive 4 main cylinders, a regulator of 9 pressure of back brakes, brake mechanisms of forward and back wheels together with working cylinders and pipelines besides a brake pedal.

The main brake cylinder

The main brake cylinder fastens to an arm of pedals of coupling and a brake. Pistons 3 and 5 (fig. the Main cylinder of a hydraulic drive of brakes see) put in action different a contour. Both pistons occupy a starting position under the influence of springs 8 which wring out pistons against the stop in screws 7. Tightness of pistons in the cylinder is provided with four sealing rings 6. In front the case is closed
Stopper 1.

Pedal knot

Pedals 6 (fig. of the Detail of an arm of pedals of coupling and a brake see) and 19 are suspended on an arm 1 by means of an axis executed in the form of a bolt.

The axis 18 is fixed by a nut 2 in apertures of cheeks of an arm. On an axis between cheeks of an arm and the remote plug 7 internal plugs of 4 and 14 pedals of coupling and a brake are clamped. On these plugs шарнирно pedals, in which naves запрессованы external plugs 5 and 9 are established. To both pedals шарнирно the pushers 20 influencing pistons of hydrocylinders fasten. Reverse motion of a pedal of coupling is limited to the buffer 11 established on a head of a bolt 12. To an arm shelf the main cylinders of a drive of deenergizing of coupling and a drive of brakes fasten.

Pressure regulator

In a contour of a drive of back brakes the regulator 9 (fig. the Scheme of brake system see) pressure which corrects pressure in a drive of back brakes depending on position of a body concerning a beam of the back bridge, i.e. depending on car loading is connected. It works as the restrictive valve automatically interrupting giving of a brake liquid to back brakes, reducing probability юза back wheels at braking.

The regulator fastens on an arm of a body and incorporates to a beam of the back bridge through торсионный the lever 12 (fig. of the Detail of a drive of a regulator of pressure see) and draught 7. Other end торсионного the lever operates on the piston 10 (fig. the Regulator of pressure of back brakes in non-working position see).

In a cavity And a liquid arrives from the main cylinder, and a cavity In leaves in wheel cylinders of a drive of back brakes.

Force Р operating on the piston from торсионного of the lever, increases with body approach to a beam of the bridge and decreases at removal of a body from a beam of the back bridge.

Prior to the beginning of action of a regulator of pressure the piston 10 rests against a stopper 6 under the influence of force Р and a spring 9. Backlashes are thus formed, through which cavities And and In are informed, i.e. pressure in them will be identical and is equal to pressure in a hydrodrive of brakes.

When work brakes the back part of the car by inertia rises and, hence, pressure upon the piston from outside the lever 1 decreases. The liquid Pressure force on the top end face of the piston with большей the surface area for any moment exceeds a pressure force of the liquid operating on the piston from below, and the piston will fall down to an emphasis to a sealant 7. Thus cavities And and In will be separated, and in them different pressure is created: in cavities And pressure of Ra it will be equal to pressure in the main cylinder, and in a cavity In pressure of Rv will be less on size which defines balance of the piston which is under the influence of pressure of Ra and Rv, springs 9 and forces торсионного the lever. Thus, partial or full dissociation of cavities And and In the piston 10 regulates the brake moment on back wheels.

The brake mechanism of a forward wheel

The brake mechanism of a forward wheel the disk. It consists from shown on fig. the Brake mechanism of a forward wheel (the Detail of a support of the brake mechanism of a forward wheel) support 12 (4) in gathering with working cylinders 17, the brake disk 18, two brake колодок 16 (11), connecting fingers 8 (8) and pipelines.

The support fastens to an arm 11 two bolts 9 which are stopped by bending back on a side of bolts of lock plates. The arm 11 in turn fastens to a flange of a rotary fist 10 together with a protective casing 13 and the rotary lever. In a support it is executed радиусный a groove through which takes place a brake disk 18 and two cross-section grooves for placing brake колодок 16. In support inflow there are two windows with directing grooves in which two opposite cylinders 17 are established. For fixing of cylinders concerning a support in the cylinder the spring clamp 4 entering into a lateral groove of a support is established.

In each cylinder the piston 3 (1) which is condensed with an elastic rubber ring 6 (3) is located. It is located in a flute of the cylinder and densely presses out a piston surface. The cylinder cavity is protected from pollution by a rubber cap 7 (2).

Working cavities of cylinders are connected among themselves by the pipeline 2 (5). In the external cylinder will screw the union 1 (6) for prorolling of a contour of a drive of forward brakes, in internal – the union of a hose for a supply of a brake liquid.

The piston 3 rests in brake колодки 16 on which overlays 5 are pasted. Колодки are established on fingers 8 and are drawn in to them by springs 15 (7). Fingers 8 are kept in the cylinder шплинтами 14 (9).

The brake disk 18 fastens to a nave of a wheel two adjusting pins.

The brake mechanism of a back wheel

The brake mechanism of a back wheel of drum-type type, with self-established колодками. Brake колодки 3 with overlays 7 (fig. the Brake mechanism of a back wheel), the wheel cylinder 1 see and other details are mounted on a brake board which fastens to a flange of a beam of the back bridge. To the bottom part of a board two rivets the package of the plates one of which is a support for the bottom ends brake колодок fastens. For backlash regulation between колодками and a drum clowns 8 against whom lean колодки under the influence of coupling springs 5 and 10 serve.

In the case 4 (fig. of the Detail of the wheel cylinder see) wheel cylinder, two pistons 2 which are held apart by a spring 7 with basic cups 5 are located. By the Same spring to an end face of pistons are drawn in уплотнители 3.

In pistons запрессованы an emphasis against which grooves the top ends brake колодок rest. An exit of pistons from cylinders герметизируется rubber caps 1. For prorolling of a drive of a back brake in the cylinder will screw the union 6.

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