VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
6.1. The storage battery
6.2. The generator
6.2.1. A technical characteristics
6.2.2. Control checks of the generator
6.2.3. Generator repair Generator dismantling Generator assemblage Replacement щеткодержателя Replacement of bearings of a rotor Replacement of gates The relay of a control lamp of a charge of the storage battery
6.2.4. A regulator of pressure РР–380
6.2.5. Possible malfunctions of the generator, their reason and elimination methods
6.3. A starter
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices


6-2-3-5-zamena-ventilejj.html Replacement of gates

At the modern generators having выпрямительный the block, in case of failure of one of gates it is necessary to replace entirely выпрямительный the block.

At generators of back issues "positive" gates were запрессованы in a separate aluminium plate (radiator) and "negative" – in a cover 1 (fig. Generator G-221 see). At such generators if one or several "positive" gates are damaged, it is necessary to replace a radiator together with gates.

1. The damaged "negative" gates, запрессованные in a cover of 1 generator, it is possible to replace serviceable the same polarity. For this purpose the faulty gate accurately выпрессуйте on a press (1 – punch А.76027, 2 – support А.76029, 3 – basic plate А.76032). It is impossible to beat out its hammer not to spoil an aperture under the gate and not to damage other serviceable gates, запрессованные in a cover.
2. The new gate accurately, without a warp запрессуйте in a cover also on a press (1 – punch А.76027, 2 – "the negative" gate, 3 – support А.76013, 4 – a generator cover). Categorically it is forbidden запрессовывать the gate hammer blows.
3. The effort запрессовки should operate on the gate case, as is shown in drawing (arrows specify places on which punch А.76028 should operate at запрессовке).
4. Gates запрессовываются against the stop a flange in a generator cover. For the gates having ненакатанный a corbel about a flange, the backlash of 0,1-1 mm between a flange of the gate and a cover surface is supposed.

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