VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
6.1. The storage battery
6.2. The generator
6.2.1. A technical characteristics
6.2.2. Control checks of the generator
6.2.3. Generator repair
6.2.4. A regulator of pressure РР–380
6.2.5. Possible malfunctions of the generator, their reason and elimination methods
6.3. A starter
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



6.2. The generator

Generator G-221
1 – a cover from outside contact rings;
2 – выпрямительный the block;
3 – a fastening bolt выпрямительного the block
And winding conclusions статора;
4, 5 – contact rings;
6 – the back ball-bearing;
7 – a rotor shaft;
8 – isolating plugs;
9 – the fastening screw щеткодержателя;
10 – плюсовой a contact bolt (a conclusion
11 – the isolating plug of a contact bolt;
12 – the tip of the central conclusion of a winding статора;
13 – щеткодержатель;
14 – a negative brush;
15 – a positive brush;
16 – a hairpin for generator fastening to a tension lath;
17 – крыльчатка a pulley;
18 – a polar tip of a rotor from outside a drive;
19 – a pulley of a drive of the generator;
20 – a nut of fastening of a pulley;
21 – a remote ring;
22 – the forward ball-bearing;
23 – a cover from outside a drive;
24 – a skeleton of a winding of a rotor;
25 – a rotor winding;
26 – groove isolation статора;
27 – статор;
28 – a winding wedge статора;
29 – a winding статора;
30 – a polar tip of a rotor from outside contact rings;
31 – a coupling bolt;
32 – the buffer plug;
33 – the plug

The scheme of connections of system of the generator

1 – the storage battery;
2 – a winding of a rotor of the generator;
3 – the generator;
4 – a winding статора the generator;
5 – выпрямительный the generator block;
6 – a pressure regulator;
7 – additional resistors;

8 – the thermocompensating resistor;
9 – a throttle;
10 – the ignition switch;
11 – the block of safety locks;
12 – a control lamp of a charge;
13 – the relay of a control lamp of a charge

Rated voltage
IN 12
Rotation direction
Right (from outside a drive)
The maximum current strength of return at 14 In and frequency of rotation of a rotor of 5000 mines-1, And
The maximum frequency of rotation of a rotor, mines-1
The transfer relation the engine-generator
1: 2,04

On cars VAZ-2101,-2102 and their updatings was applied the three-phase generator of an alternating current of type Г-221 (fig. Generator G-221 see) with the built in rectifier. To the middle of 80th years "negative" gates (diodes) of the rectifier were запрессованы in a cover 1, and "positive" – in the separate plate attached to a cover.

From the middle of 80th years at generators G-221 all gates are in not folding выпрямительном the block 2 consisting of two plates. In case of damage of gates the block is replaced with the new.

The regulator 6 (fig. the Scheme of connections of system of the generator see) supports pressure of the generator at level 13,2–14,5. Serviceability of the generator is checked by means of a control lamp 12 in combinations of devices and the relay 13.

At ignition inclusion, when the engine (and therefore the generator) yet does not work, through relay contacts proceeds a current from the storage battery, and the lamp burns. After start-up of the engine and at movement of the car the lamp should die away, as under the influence of the straightened phase pressure of the generator the relay anchor should be drawn to the core and disconnect relay contacts.

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6.2.1. A technical characteristics