VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
8.1. A forward suspension bracket
8.1.1. A forward suspension bracket, wheels, tyres
8.1.2. Definition of a condition of details of a forward suspension bracket
8.1.3. Check and adjustment of corners of installation of forward wheels
8.1.4. Removal and installation of a forward suspension bracket
8.1.5. Dismantling and assemblage of knots of a suspension bracket
8.1.6. Check of a technical condition and repair
8.1.7. Replacement резинометаллических hinges of levers on the car
8.2. A back suspension bracket
8.3. Shock-absorbers
8.4. Possible malfunctions of a running gear, their reason and elimination methods
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



8.1.6. Check of a technical condition and repair


Deformation of the top and bottom levers is defined on adaptation A.95716.

1. The bottom lever establish so that оправка 1 for centering, it was jointed with a cone of a finger of the spherical hinge of the lever, and adjusting fingers of the adaptation 4 (adaptation A.95716 for check of levers) entered into apertures of 3 axes of the lever 2.
2. Оправка for centering should enter, accordingly, into the right or central aperture of the adaptation, depending on what lever is checked, right or left.
3. A sign of deformation of the lever, the impossibility of introduction without effort of fingers of the adaptation in apertures of 3 axes of the lever, and also a bad joint оправки 1 with a cone of a finger of the spherical hinge is.
4. The top lever 3 is established on the adaptation 5 (adaptation A.95716) in the turned position so that оправка 2 for centering of the spherical hinge, precisely coincided with a shaft of a finger of the spherical hinge 1, and the finger 4 – passed in apertures резинометаллических lever hinges.
5. The size of deformation of the lever is defined on difficulty of input of a finger 4 in apertures of levers and on a bad joint of a conic nest оправки 2 with a conic surface of a finger of the spherical hinge 1. The finger 4 should enter into apertures of hinges without special effort.
6. At small deformation levers correct, and at big – replace.


Check of the top spherical hinge on the adaptation 02.8701.9502

1 – the spherical hinge;
2 – the indicator;
3 – динамометрический a key;
4 – the adaptation 02.8701.9502;
And – the scheme of check of a radial backlash;
In – the scheme of check of an axial backlash

1. Be convinced of safety грязезащитных covers of hinges. Ruptures, cracks, отслоения rubbers from metal armature, traces of leak of greasing – are inadmissible.
2. Check up, whether there is no deterioration of working surfaces of spherical hinges, turning manually a spherical finger. The free wheeling of a finger or its jamming are inadmissible.
3. More exact check of a condition of the top spherical hinge on size of a radial and axial backlash is spent on the adaptation 02.8701.9502. For this purpose establish the spherical hinge 1 (drawing) in a nest of the adaptation and clamp its screw. Establish in an arm of the adaptation the indicator 2 so that its leg rested against a lateral surface of the case of the hinge, and the arrow of the indicator stood on zero.
4. Establish динамометрический a key 3 in the top nest of the adaptation and, having put to it the moment 196 Н·м (20 кгс·м) in both parties, define on the indicator 2 total radial backlash in the spherical hinge. If it exceeds 0,7 mm – the hinge replace new.
5. The axial backlash in the spherical hinge is similarly checked, preliminary having changed its fastening in the adaptation as it is specified in drawing B. The axial backlash in the hinge is supposed no more than 0,7 mm.


Signs at which it is necessary to replace резинометаллические hinges, are described (subsection 8.1.2) see.

Replacement procedure following.


1. The bottom lever establish on оправку 3 and a press punch press an axis of 1 lever to выпрессовки the hinge 2 of an aperture. For выпрессовки the second hinge turn the lever and repeat operation.
2. Запрессовка hinges of the bottom levers it is carried out with the help распорной plug A.74177/2 clamped in a vice, and adaptation A.74177/1. The lever with an axis 1 establish on the adaptation 2, put on an axis the hinge and запрессуйте it in a lever nest, by means of the adaptation 3 (А.74177/1). Then repeat the above described operations for запрессовки the second hinge, on the other hand the lever.
3. The top lever. For выпрессовки hinges, establish adaptation A.47046 on the lever so that the screw head of the adaptation 1 has been directed inside. Завертыванием the adaptation screw, выпрессуйте the hinge 2.
4. For запрессовки, insert the hinge 2 into a nest of the lever and establish adaptation A.47046, complete with a cap 3. Wrapping the screw of the adaptation 1, запрессуйте the hinge in a lever nest.


1. For check establish a rotary fist 1 on calibre 2 А.96008, clamped in a vice so that its surface under an epiploon of a nave of a wheel has coincided with a calibre aperture.
2. Enter two lateral adjusting fingers of calibre into fist apertures. If introduction of fingers demands some effort, the fist means is deformed also it it is necessary to replace new.


Specification for check of springs of a forward suspension bracket

Carefully examine springs. If deformations which can become a working capacity cause of infringement are found out, replace springs new.

1. It is triple having pressed out a spring before contact of coils, check up its elastic characteristic on control points.
2. Check up a technical condition of isolating linings and replace them if they have damages.
The prevention

On length, under loading 4413 Н (450 кгс), springs are divided on two groups: the group And – is more length 232 mm and group In – the length is equal or less than 232 mm. Springs of group And are marked by a yellow paint, and groups In – green, on lateral aspect of coils. Marks should be well visible after spring installation on the car.


1. Check up, whether the bar is deformed and whether there are its ends in one plane; if deformation insignificant correct a bar; at considerable deformation a bar replace.
2. Check up safety of pillows in fastening arms to a body and to the bottom levers of a suspension bracket; at deterioration replace pillows.


Check of a cross-beam of a forward suspension bracket

1 – an aperture on a cross-beam under adjusting probes of the adaptation;
2 – a cross-beam;
3 – control plugs of the adaptation;
4 – adaptation A.78124/R;
5 – control apertures of installation of bolts on a cross-beam

1. For check establish a cross-beam on the adaptation 4 so that probes coincided with apertures of 1 cross-beam.
2. Screw on the ends of two bolts of a cross-beam control plugs of 3 adaptations.
3. Apertures of 5 adaptations and bolts of a cross-beam being against them, should be coaxial.
4. Signs of deformation of a cross-beam – impossibility of input without effort of probes of the adaptation in cross-beam apertures, несоосность bolts of a cross-beam with plugs of 3 adaptations. At revealing of deformation which cannot be eliminated editing, replace a cross-beam.

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