VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
6.1. The storage battery
6.2. The generator
6.3. A starter
6.3.1. A technical characteristics
6.3.2. Starter check at the stand
6.3.3. Starter repair Dismantling Check of a technical condition of details Starter assemblage
6.3.4. Possible malfunctions of a starter, their reason and elimination methods
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices

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6.3.3. Starter repair

Starter details
1 – a starter cover from outside a drive;
2 – rubber заглушка;
3 – the drive lever;
4 – the traction relay;
5 – a pole статора;
6 – the service coil of a winding статора;
7 – шунтовая the winding coil статора;
8 – rubber заглушка;
9 – a protective tape;
10 – the cover plug;
11 – a cover from outside a collector;
12 – a brush;
13 – a brush spring;
14 – a brake disk of a cover;
15 – the case;
16 – a coupling hairpin;
17 – an anchor;
18 – the terminator of a course of a gear wheel;
19 – обгонная муфта with a drive gear wheel;
20 – a restrictive ring;
21 – a persistent washer;
22 – an adjusting washer

Details of a back part of a starter 35.3708

1 – a brush;

2 – a brush spring;

3 – a protective casing;

4 – a lock washer;

5 – an adjusting washer;

6 – a cover from outside a collector

1. Turn away a nut on bottom contact to a bolt of the traction relay and disconnect from it a conclusion of windings статора.
2. Turn away a nut of fastening of the traction relay and remove it.
3. At starter СТ-221 ослабьте the screw of fastening of a coupling protective tape on a cover 11 (fig. of the Detail of a starter) from outside a collector see and remove a tape 9 with a lining. Turn out screws of fastening of plugs of brushes and remove brushes.
4. At a starter 35.3708 turn away screws and remove a protective casing 3 (fig. of the Detail of a back part of a starter 35.3708 see). Turn away fastening screws to щеткодержателям winding conclusions статора, remove springs 2 and brushes 1. Remove a lock washer 4.
5. At starter СТ-221 (fig. of the Detail of a starter see) turn away a nut of coupling hairpins 16 (on a starter 35.3708 turn out coupling bolts) and disconnect the case 15 with a cover 11 from a cover 1 with an anchor 17. Turn out from a cover 1 coupling hairpins. Disconnect a cover from outside a collector from the case.
6. Take out rubber заглушку 2 levers from a cover from outside a drive. Расшплинтуйте also take out from a cover an axis of the lever 3 drives of a starter. Take out the lever and an anchor with a drive from a cover, and then disconnect the lever from a drive.
7. To remove from an anchor a drive, remove a lock ring from under a restrictive ring 20. The drive understands after removal from a nave муфты a lock washer.
8. If the traction relay is executed in folding execution, i.e. a relay detail not завальцованы in its case for its dismantling turn away a nut of coupling bolts and отпаяйте conclusions of windings from the tip «50» and from a tip fixed on bottom contact bolt of the traction relay.
9. After dismantling blow details the compressed air and wipe.

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