VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
6.1. The storage battery
6.2. The generator
6.3. A starter
6.3.1. A technical characteristics
6.3.2. Starter check at the stand Working capacity check Test in a mode of full braking Test for an idling mode Check of the traction relay Check of the mechanical data
6.3.3. Starter repair
6.3.4. Possible malfunctions of a starter, their reason and elimination methods
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



6.3.2. Starter check at the stand

The scheme of connections for starter check at the stand

1 – a starter;
2 – the voltmeter with a scale limit
Not less than 15 In;
3 – a rheostat on 800 And;
4 – the ampermeter with the shunt on 1000 And;
5 – the switch;
6 – the storage battery

To be convinced of a starter overall performance, it is necessary to check up its electric and mechanical data at the stand.

Connecting wires to a current source, the ampermeter and a contact bolt of the traction relay of a starter should have section not less than 16 мм2.

The starter should eat from completely charged accumulator room of the battery 6СТ-55 or from a special source of the current which characteristic of a power failure at loading corresponds to the characteristic of a power failure of the storage battery 6СТ-55.

The starter temperature at checks should be 25±5 ° With, and brushes – are ground well in to a collector.

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