VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
6.1. The storage battery
6.2. The generator
6.3. A starter
6.3.1. A technical characteristics
6.3.2. Starter check at the stand
6.3.3. Starter repair Dismantling Check of a technical condition of details Starter assemblage
6.3.4. Possible malfunctions of a starter, their reason and elimination methods
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices

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6-3-3-2-proverka-tekhnicheskogo-sostoyaniya-detalejj.html Check of a technical condition of details


1. Check up мегомметром or by means of a lamp fed with a voltage of 220 V, whether there is no short circuit of a winding of an anchor on weight.
2. Pressure through a lamp is brought to plates of a collector and to the anchor core. Lamp burning specifies in short circuit of plates of a collector with weight. At check мегомметр should show resistance not less than 10 clod. An anchor having short circuit with weight, replace.
3. The special device check up, whether there are no short circuits between sections of a winding of an anchor and collector plates, and also whether there are breakages in a place припайки no conclusions of sections of a winding to collector plates.
4. Examine a working surface of a collector. The polluted or burnt surface smooth out a fine-grained grinding skin.
5. At starter СТ-221 check up palpation of a collector concerning shaft pins.
6. If palpation is more 0,06 mm, and also at considerable damage of a surface of a collector pierce a collector on a lathe, removing as less as possible metal. The minimum diameter to which it is possible to pierce a collector, – 36 mm. After проточки прошлифуйте a collector a fine-grained grinding skin.
7. Check up palpation of the core concerning shaft pins. If it more than 0,08 mm – replace an anchor.
8. Check up a condition of surfaces шлицев and pins of a shaft of an anchor. On them should not be задиров, забоин and deterioration.
9. If on a shaft surface there were traces of yellow colour from the gear wheel plug, remove their fine-grained grinding skin as they can become the reason of jamming of a gear wheel on a shaft.


1. Gear wheel teeths should not have considerable deterioration. If on заходной parts of teeths are available забоины polish their fine-grained наждачным circle of small diameter. The gear wheel should be turned easily concerning a nave муфты, but only in a direction of rotation of an anchor at engine start-up.
2. If drive details are damaged or considerably worn out, replace a drive new.


1. Check up мегомметром or by means of a lamp fed with a voltage of 220 V, whether there is no winding short circuit статора on weight. Pressure through a lamp is brought to the general conclusion of a winding and to the starter case.
2. If the lamp burns or мегомметр shows resistance less than 10 clod, and also if windings have overheat traces (почернение isolation), replace the case with windings.


1. Check up, whether is not present on covers of cracks. If they are available – replace covers new.
2. Check up a condition of plugs of covers. If they are worn out, replace covers in gathering or only plugs. New plugs after запрессовки develop to 12,015±0,03 mm.
3. At starter СТ-221 to replace the plug from outside a collector, preliminary take заглушку, and after запрессовки plugs establish заглушку into place and раскерните in three points.
4. Check up reliability of fastening щеткодержателей on a cover from outside a collector. Щеткодержатели positive brushes should not have short circuit with weight. Brushes should move freely in grooves щеткодержателей. The brushes which have been worn out on height to 12 mm, replace new, preliminary having ground in them to a collector.


1. Check up ease of moving of an anchor of the relay. Check up an ohmmeter, whether contact bolts of the relay a contact plate become isolated. Check up an ohmmeter, whether there is no breakage in windings of the traction relay.
2. If in relay windings there is a breakage or contact bolts of the relay a contact plate replace the relay new do not become isolated.
3. If the relay of folding execution it is possible to disassemble it and to smooth out contact bolts and a plate a fine-grained skin or a flat velvet file. At considerable damage of contact bolts to a place of contact with a contact plate it is possible to turn bolts on 180 °.

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