VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
12.1. Features of the device
12.2. Repair of a skeleton of a body
12.3. Paint and varnish coverings
12.4. Anticorrosive protection of a body
12.5. Doors
12.6. A cowl, a luggage carrier cover, bumpers
12.7. Osteklenie bodies and a windscreen washer
12.8. The panel of devices
12.9. Seats
12.10. A heater
12.11. Possible malfunctions of a body, their reason and elimination methods
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



12.1. Features of the device

Body details

1 – the panel передка;
2 – a forward longeron;
3 – a headlight casing;
4 – a forward wing;
5 – a cowl;
6 – a guard передка;
7 – a box воздухопритока;
8 – боковина;
9 – a frame of a wind window;
10 – the bottom cross-beam of the panel of devices;
11 – the roof panel;
12 – the panel of a frame of a back window;
13 – the lateral panel of a roof;
14 – a framework of a back partition with a shelf;
15 – the back panel;
16 – the bottom cross-beam of a back;
17 – a luggage carrier cover;
18 – a back wing;
19 – a longeron of a floor of a back;
20 – an arch of a back wheel;
21 – a trunk floor;
22 – a trunk floor cross-beam;
23 – a back cross-beam of a floor;
24 – a forward floor;
25 – the amplifier of a forward rack;
26 – a mudguard;
27 – a mudguard rack

Body of the car of type a sedan, four-door, all-metal, welded, a bearing design. The body consists of a skeleton and hinged details: a cowl, a cover of a luggage carrier, doors, bumpers, details остекления, an internal upholstery and external furnish.

The body skeleton represents the rigid spatial farm consisting of knots: the floor bases in gathering with передком and the panel of a back, right and left боковин 8, in gathering with back wings 18, forward wings 4 in gathering with amplifiers and roofs in gathering with frames of 9 and 12 wind and back windows.

Body doors consist of two panels – external and internal. Panels are connected by welding on perimetre. From the inside to a door on spring holders the upholstery of a door from the polyvinylchloride film welded on a wood-fiber plate fastens. All doors are equipped by glasses of safe type. All locks роторного type with blocking of opening of a door.

The cowl is hung on a body on a first line and locked by the lock. The lock is supplied тросовым by a drive with the handle 6 (fig. the cowl Lock see), located in salon on the left side under the panel of devices.

The luggage carrier cover, on the device, is similar to a cowl. The lock opens only key turn. Торсионы 4 (fig. Removal of a cover of a luggage carrier see) facilitate opening of a cover and keep it in open position.

Forward seats with individual adjustment of position and a back inclination. Seats can move along salon on 155 mm. The back has rough and thin adjustment on an inclination. For the device of berths the seat can be shifted forward in addition on 83 mm, and backs to throw back.

Salon heating is provided with a stream of air which has been warmed up by a liquid from system of cooling of the engine. Management of a heater is carried out by handles 13 (fig. the Drive of management of a heater see) control levers.
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12.2. Repair of a skeleton of a body