VAZ 2101, 2102
1. Specifications
2. Operation and service
3. The engine
4. Fuel system
4.1. The power supply system
4.1.1. Features of the device
4.1.2. The air filter
4.1.3. The fuel pump
4.1.4. A fuel tank
4.2. The carburettor
5. Ignition system
6. Start and gymnastics system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. An electric equipment
12. A body
13. Features of repair
14. Appendices



4.1.3. The fuel pump

The fuel pump

1 – a delivery branch pipe;
2 – the filter;
3 – the case;
4 – a soaking up branch pipe;
5 – a cover;
6 – the soaking up valve;
7 – a pusher;
8 – the lever of manual pumping of fuel;
9 – a spring;
10 – a cam;
11 – the balance weight;
12 – the lever of mechanical pumping of fuel;
13 – the bottom cover;
14 – an internal remote lining;
15 – an external remote lining;
16 – the delivery valve

The scheme for the control and adjustment выступания a pusher of a drive of the pump

And – a lining in the thickness of 0,27-0,33 mm;

In – a lining in the thickness of 0,70-0,80 mm;

d – выступание a pusher

The device of the fuel pump is shown on fig. the Fuel pump.


Insufficient filling of the carburettor by gasoline can depend on malfunction of the fuel pump, and also from a contamination or damage of pipelines.

To find a cause of defect, disconnect a hose from a delivery branch pipe 1 and by means of the lever 8 manual pumpings of fuel check up, whether fuel moves. If fuel is not present, disconnect a hose from a soaking up branch pipe 4 and check up, whether depression on an exit of this branch pipe is created. If depression is available, the pipeline and if is not present is faulty – that the pump is faulty.

Dismantling, clearing and check of details

1. For pump dismantling turn away a bolt of fastening of a cover 5, uncover also the filter 2. Then turn away screws of fastening of the case to the bottom cover, separate them, take out knot of diaphragms and a spring.
2. Wash out gasoline all details and blow compressed air.
3. Check up integrity of springs of the pump.
4. Check up, whether there is no jamming of valves. Check up a condition of diaphragms. On them there should not be cracks or hardening.
5. After check all worn out or damaged details replace new. Pump linings always replace new and before installation grease with a thin layer of greasing.

The scheme of installation of the pump is shown on fig. the Scheme for the control and adjustment выступания a pusher of a drive of the pump.

1. For correct installation of the fuel pump use two of three linings: And – thickness of 0,27-0,33 mm; In – thickness of 0,70-0,80 mm; With – thickness of 1,10-1,30 mm.
2. Establish теплоизоляционную the prorate on the block of cylinders, having put between them a lining And, and on a plane interfaced to the pump, place V.Prisposobleniem's lining 67.7834.9506 measure distance d (the minimum size on which the pusher, established by slow turn of a cranked shaft acts). If the size d is in limits of 0,8-1,3 mm fix the pump on the engine. If d there are less 0,8 mm, lining In replace with a lining And; if 1,3 mm a lining In replace d's lining there are more check up the size d and fix the pump on the engine.
3. Between the block of cylinders and теплоизоляционной the lining should be the prorate always And.

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